WordPress Updates & Why You Should Care

WordPress Updates & Why You Should Care

Tameera Corporal, Author

CEO, Accufigures, Inc

“I love to show others how to get the results they need to grow their business.

Short answer: If you want your website to work properly, you will care.

WordPress updates are necessary to ensure your website is up to par. Read on, I highlighted the reasons you actually care about.


As far as I’m concerned, security is the most important reason to install WordPress updates. WordPress is constantly working to fight spam and hackers. In, addition, WordPress also monitors plug-in performance and disables those that create a vulnerability in your website design.


This is so important for three reasons: visibility, user experience, and page rank. We all know that in order to conduct business these days, you need a web presence. We also know that a difficult to navigate website will be a lonely one. Not to mention, a website that is slow to load is a turn off and no one is going to wait. And finally, a website that is not responsive, optimized for mobile, mobile friendly, or whichever way you know it as, may as well not even exist. The bottom line here is, great customer experience equals conversions.


When WordPress updates, as of late, they are adding features and functionality to optimize the performance of your website, and providing more design options. This is important due to the direct impact the time customers spend on your website has on the way Google ranks your page. As we all know, Google is constantly changing their metrics-and none of us truly know what these changes are.


In my opinion, the biggest reasons you should allow WordPress to update are security, site performance, and a better user experience. These are the some of the fundamentals of website design, and any help getting noticed on Google is a welcomed side effect.


Tameera Corporal is a professional website designer, graphics creator, business administration trainer, and published author.  She loves to write code, articles, and books and is a lifetime professional development advocate. She is also a MBA and PMP.  She specializes in PHP, MEAN, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, and SQL.  She also utilizes Heroku, GitHub, Bootstrap, and other helpful apps in her builds.

Currently, she is actively working on building her web development and micro-training firm, Accufigures, Inc., located in Tampa, FL.  At Accufigures, we help small businesses turn their target audience into returning customers with customized website designs and graphics.  Visit her online at bit.ly/accufigures for more information.


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