Tameera Corporal, Accufigures CEO & Lead Developer

Discover her journey from Senior Accountant to Web Developer, Trainer, MBA, CLSSBB & PMP
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Accufigures was an idea in 2012 that came from our lead developer building digital assets to support her idea of building an accounting firm from scratch.  From this business plan, Tameera decided to take the time to learn how to write code professionally, and began to learn in her spare time.


Within the span of 2 years, she had successfuly learned HTML 5, CSS , Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, and more.  With this knowledge, she decided to leave her career of 15 1/2 years as a Senior Accountant and persue a new entreprenurial journey that would allow her the freedom to be present and home school her son.


Currently, she works as a lead developer and writes e-courses, training manuals, and builds digital assets that help small business owners maximize their online reach without sepnding a ton on marketing and advertising.


Senior Accountant to Web Developer… I know, that’s a big switch!  Every journey starts one way, then forces you to work through the plot twists, and this one’s no different. Check out the infographic below to learn how I left a 15 1/2 year career as a senior account to become a full-time web developer.

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