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Beautifully responsive medspa website designs to grow your business faster.

 Did you know that a pretty website design won’t bring new patients into your Medspa?

90% of potential clients will leave your website

If it loads slowly
Your services aren’t listed clearly
They can’t figure out how to book

At Accufigures Digital Marketing, we create customer-focused medspa website designs so you can build a unique presence in your industry and grow your Medspa faster.

 Your website is the lead generator that never takes a day off. 

The basic medspa website design should be easy for new clients to book an appointment with you.  Our designs offer so much more we specialize in:

  • Responsive websites so you can showcase your medspa services in the best way possible and attract new patients that are interested in working with you.
  • HIPPA compliant so you can keep your patient’s health information private and ensure peace of mind for you and your patients.

Don’t have a website for your Medspa yet? No problem. We help you develop or fine-tune yours with our proprietary website design process.  Our services are customized to meet your business goals and can include:

WordPress Custom Themes

Our website designs are customized to meet your business goals.  
WordPress website builds

Custom graphic designs

Custom template designs

eCommerce integration

Product descriptions


Website designs that look great on any device.  

Custom graphic designs
Custom template designs

Unlimited Features

Feature-rich website designs that keep your user engaged.  

Domain Setup
A/B Testing
E-mail list building integration
Custom copywriting
SMP account integration

Custom Code

Custom code and scripts to create the best user experience.  Hover to find out more.


Learn How A Web Presence Can Help Build Your Practice

SEO for a medspa that will put their medical spa services at the top of the search results can be confusing and a huge pain to do.

We know how frustrating it can be to get your webpages to rank, and we’re here to help. 

Each industry is unique, and we research yours to make sure we put the best SEO strategy in place for your business.

Our search engine optimization services are customized to meet your business needs.

Our search engine optimization strategy will be different for each project but can include:

Market research
Keyword research
Web page updates
Keyword placement
Image updates
Product description updates
Social media profile updates
Video tag updates
-And more…

Medspa website repair services and 24/7 website maintenance services are here to help you optimize your patient experience.

To get the best results, you should maintain and monitor your website at all times.  We fix your performance issues with customized services to meet your debugging needs. 

Website maintenance services are critical to the long-term success of your website performance.

Some of the major issues that we help you avoid with our maintenance plans are:


Can’t log in?
Website re-directing somewhere else?
Warning pop-ups?
Website debugging
WordPress and PHP website repair
24/7 monitoring
Website security
Website backups
Core, plugin, and theme updates
-And more…

An infected website can cost a company thousands of dollars a day in sales, are you protected?

Video ad campaigns so you can showcase your Medspa and grow your practice quickly.

Print ads so you can get your product and services in front of your audience where ever they are and sell your stock faster and close more business easier.

Companies waste thousands of advertising dollars each year by targeting : The wrong audience at the wrong time and on the wrong platform.

Our Medspa Video Ad Campaign services will help you :

Get more traffic that is interested in your products and/or services
Reduce ad spend by showing your ads to your target audience when they are searching for what you have to offer
Get results faster and increase your return on investment by using efficient techniques

doctor video ads near me

We offer different formats to help you reach your business goals to include:

 Promotional for products or services
Whiteboard Explainer
Cartoon Explainer
-And more…

Our staff is Google Adwords certified, and our services are customized to meet your business goals and can include:


Build your new campaign on Facebook or Google Adwords (includes YouTube Ads)
Campaign Launch and Management
Get results faster and increase your return on investment by using efficient techniques
Remix your existing campaigns
Footage editing and clean-up
Competitor research
Keyword research
Target audience identification
Campaign performance tracking
Landing page development, analysis, and optimization
-And more…

What is a funnel? Should I use one for my Medspa?

Think of your sales funnel like an online flyer. It consists of a series of sections that focus on a goal for a particular product or service.

A professionally built funnel will guide your customers from introduction to check out smoothly and quickly.

doctor sales funnels near me

How do I know which is the best sales funnel to choose?

The right funnel website design for your business will depend on your marketing strategy and business goals. 

 A professionally built funnel will guide your customers from introduction to check out smoothly and quickly. 

We would be happy to help you understand how a funnel will help you reach your business goals for free.  Book a consultation with us today.

Learn How A Sales Funnel Can Help Sell Your Products 

Medspa Digital Solutions 

doctor website design near me

 At Accufigures Digital Consulting, we create sales funnels to showcase your product or service and tailored to attract your target market.

Our services are customized to meet your business goals and can include:

Custom funnel that includes template and graphic designs
E-mail list building integration
Custom copywriting for your sales funnel
A/B Testing
SMTP account integration
Affiliate links
Basic video editing
Domain Setup
-And more…

Learn How The Right Web Presence Can Help Build Your Practice

Do you know how your customers are finding your Medspa online?

Google Analytics shows you how your marketing efforts are driving traffic to your website.

Measurements help you track which marketing campaigns are making money and which ones aren’t.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that shows you what your patients are doing when they visit your website.

Our Google Analytics services are customized to meet your business goals and can include:

Google Adwords integration
Website integration
Google Analytics account set up
View creation and set up
Custom report creation
24/7 Account management
Campaign performance tracking
-And more…

We create customized dashboards to track your website performance and business goals. We use powerful this tool to help you:

Discover the busiest traffic times
Which pages were visited the most
Which ad campaigns are driving the most traffic
Create custom reports
-And more…

Google Analytics can be used to exceed your business goals in many ways to include:

Reduce advertising costs by tracking customer behavior on your website.
Identify which pages of your website are getting results, and which ones need improvement.
Gauge the impact your advertising campaigns have on driving traffic to your website.

Certified Digital Consultants

Our staff is Google Analytics certified and specializes in creating customized views and reports that help you make profitable business decisions.

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool that many medical practices overlook.

Build better e-mail campaigns that work.

Attract new customers to grow your medspa practice fast. E-mail marketing is a powerful tool that many medspas overlook.

Don’t know what to write? Confused as to what e-mail marketing sequence would work for your brand?

Adding an e-mail marketing campaign to your marketing strategy is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged.

A well organized and delivered e-mail marketing campaign strategy will help you keep your patients informed and stay involved in your patient’s health journey while remaining HIPPA compliant.

Our services are customized to meet your unique business goals and include:


E-mail sequence planning
autoresponder setup and integration
E-mail marketing campaign setup
E-mail campaign performance monitoring
E-mail list building
-And more…

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